Solicitors suing solicitors

Many people think that being a Solicitor is like being a member of a closed shop and that one Solicitor will not sue another.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


Goldbergs are committed to assisting anyone who has been the victim of bad advice or some other negligent action on the part of a Solicitor.


Goldbergs have over 50 years experience in this work – and in suing other professionals.


We have many cases where we act for clients who are suing their former Solicitor.


Not only do we have the knowledge and experience but we have the advantage of being somewhat of a general practice of having experience in all types of work.


The fact that we have a matrimonial department enables us to draw on the knowledge within that department when assessing whether a Solicitor has been negligent when acting for a client in a family case.


We feel that if we did not have significant matrimonial experience we would be disadvantaged.


The starting point for suing a Solicitor is whether the Solicitor acted with competence below that of a reasonably competent Solicitor.


Being able to look at a family case, for example, with experienced eyes permits us to have a very good idea whether the Solicitor complained against fell below the required standard of a reasonably competent Solicitor and whether that conduct caused loss to the Client.


Because we have experience across the board, whether conveyancing, probate, wills, personal injury claims, negligence claims, contractual claims or employment claims we feel that we have a considerable advantage when we are confronted with a client who feels that he has been let down by his former Solicitor, which means we can form a view at an early stage whether there is merit in pursuing a claim.


If you would like to discuss making a claim for professional negligence, please would you contact Ray Toms or Matthew Ellis using the contact form at the bottom of each page.

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